That one inside joke from YouTube Miniladd's that not of us got.
You came here hoping for an explanation of machine gun didn't you? Too bad I guess we'll never know.
by Derptrooper August 02, 2017
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Based off of an inside joke from a video MiniLadd posted.

By refering to "The Machine Gun", they are referring to a Youtube adult streamer who sold her socks for coins to buy a "Machine Gun" which is a quick moving sex machine.
Black Card: Word to the wise, never put ______in your vagina.
White Card Placed by 'mininumber1' : The Machine Gun

THE INSIDE JOKE TO RULE ALL!! - Cards Against Humanity- MiniLadd (7:27)
by JojoNightshade December 30, 2017
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A very expensive, electronic dildo. Some may have to sell their socks in order to afford it.
Hi, I'm Billy Mays here to introduce you to The Machine Gun! But wait, there's more! Order one right now and get a free pair of socks!
by CalmTony1027 August 05, 2017
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When a guy is getting a blow job from a random women, pulls out, and blows his load all over her face while holding his dick and screaming Ratt-A-Tatt-Tatt!

Also known as the Rambo and the Frustrated Elmo
I don't think that girl will ever talk to me again after i Machine Gunned her.

That girl got really pissed when i showed her the Machine Gun
by Shitty McCunterman October 12, 2011
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The act of repeated defecation in one toilet without flushing until said toilet is sufficiently clogged and you and your friends are out of shit.
The other day these people went machine gunning in the first floor bathroom, it’s been out of service ever since.
by houseoflies May 07, 2008
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To walk up behind a seated person, grab him by the ears and yell, "BRRRRRRR!!!!" while shaking his head vigorously for a few seconds. This is followed by a slap to the side of the head while yelling, "RELOAD!"
I was minding my own business watching pr0n on the computer when my roommate snuck up behind me and gave me a machine gun.
by Poppa Smurf January 02, 2007
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Putting your index finger in someones anus

while keeping your thumb up and your other fingers retracted, thus acting as if your hand were a gun, while moving your finger back and forth fast and making machine gun sounds.
You would'nt believe how much this girl enjoys me machine gunning her asshole!
by DVESenS March 10, 2012
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