The opposite of avoiding. To specifically and intentionally create a situation or circumstance. To meet head on.
Kurt took the elevator 4 extra floors so he could unavoid checking out the cute redhead's ample chest.
by Chippeli December 04, 2012
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to be big, massive and large.

also being attracted to apples.
You're unaVOIDable? You must be so massive and large and cool!!
by unaURBANDICTIONARYable September 07, 2021
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An attack used by the final boss of the Dragon's Lair stage in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is notorious for being unavoidable, and is used in the third phase to discourage the player from approaching the dragon, and to instead cut down a pillar to attack it. The term was coined by Arin Hanson of Game Grumps when he quit the game in a bout of frustration due to being repeatedly killed by the move.
by LobsterCopter February 19, 2018
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