6 definitions by LobsterCopter

The means by which arcade machines are rigged to generate a net profit.
This claw machine has a payout rate, that's some annoying riggage right there!
by LobsterCopter January 23, 2019
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A pseudo-onomatopoeia to describe the bouncing of breasts in anime. Notably used by Kurumu Kurono among others, it is the characteristic bouncing sound often heard in such anime when a large breasted character moves in a way which causes her breasts to bounce.
Purun purun poron!
by LobsterCopter June 13, 2018
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A commonly used grunt sound made by fighters is the Super Smash Bros. series, that has since become a meme. Notable examples of its usage include Fox's up smash in Melee, and Roy's Flare Blade when fully charged in Melee and Brawl.
Blip blip toriyah!
by LobsterCopter January 04, 2018
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An attack used by the final boss of the Dragon's Lair stage in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is notorious for being unavoidable, and is used in the third phase to discourage the player from approaching the dragon, and to instead cut down a pillar to attack it. The term was coined by Arin Hanson of Game Grumps when he quit the game in a bout of frustration due to being repeatedly killed by the move.
by LobsterCopter February 19, 2018
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When a game developer/level designer does not fully understand how to make levels difficult in a way that is not frustrating or questionably designed, and so throws together a bunch of hazards and poorly conceived design elements in order to force the level to be hard, at the cost of good game design. Typically associated with Super Mario Maker levels.
Putting a bunch of enemies all over the place to overwhelm the player is not good level design, it's forced difficulty.
by LobsterCopter February 09, 2018
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The culture of being a gorgeous and delicious neko nyan =3
Nyan nyan nyan nyan niihao nyan, gorgeous delicious deculture
by LobsterCopter March 03, 2019
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