Boy, I am so glad nobody else did this. Ultimate Team has ruined all of EA's sports games such as Madden, FIFA, and NBA Live. Ultimate Team features microtransactions, which means that probably lots of people are going to spend money on Ultimate Team. It worked. People are now grinding for hours , spending hundreds of dollars on this one game mode, just to competitive online. Seeing this mode vanish from their games would earn my heart to a boil. Fuck you EA.
Ultimate Team drove me off a cliff from insanity
by Bonehead5000 April 24, 2020
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Normally run by a scuba diver named champ bailey who tends to be a pro at it. He usually minipulates the defense and makes it very bad. For the offense there is John Elway😬 he is a scary quarterback and u would never want to meet a man as fricky as him! Overall the madden squad can be described in 2 words SCUBA DIVERS and you would never want to play with them for the sake of your life. Don’t come near them!
by Hummerboyditya119 March 10, 2019
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When a group of gay men meet on grinder and have a big gang bang

Bit again I hate it when he conjures lightning
Quick ! Super ultimate team buddy force unite!
by Uncle rosco July 6, 2018
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