An Uh-huh(noun) refers to a person that is an idiot or moron. An Uh-huh always lacks common sense and often are illegal immigrants who moved to another country with preperation.
The term "Uh-Huh" originated from idiots always saying "uh-huh" to anything that is said to them.

"Sir you are a f*ckin' idiot!"
by Seoul May 1, 2003
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A form of acknowledgement that sounds less aggressive when verbally said, but is synonymous to "f*ck off" in the texting world. Can also be interchanged with whateva
A: Wat u doin?
B: Nuthin
A: U mad at me?
B: Uh-huh
by me_not_you January 27, 2012
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used when you don't really care about something that someone is talking about.
friend: dam i got an ear infection.

you: uh huh
by zero xaiver June 4, 2006
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1. A term used in agreement with something when someone is too busy to respond.
2. Yes
Mom: Did you finish your homework?
Son: *reading comic book* uh huh...
by Icy January 29, 2004
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2.A term use by men world wide in responce to a women who is either naggin him or talking about something of absolut zero relevance to his he's only interested in having sex with her at the time.
Mom: Are you ever going to clean your room ?
kid: Uh huh.

Girl: then she said that J-lo was better that Brittney..
Guy:uh huh.
Girl: and I was all like, no waaaaayyy
Guy: Uh huh.*glances at titties*
Girl: Then I called up Crystal to tell HER about that, and she was all nooo waaaayyy.
Guy: Uh huh.
Girl: then i called Michelle back to tell her what Crystal said...
Guy: UH HUH. LOOK. are we ever gonna have sex ?
Girl: uh huh. *rolls eyes*
by James March 7, 2004
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A sarcastic remark used when someone says or does something stupid, similar to "good one".
Person 1: dude, I got a D on the math test.
Person 2: Uh-huh!
by Edercheddar69 May 17, 2016
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