The definition of badass. Complete and utter baddassness should always be refered to as us.
*Guy does badass thing*
Friend: Oh man! That was totally us!
by In It For The Chicks January 07, 2010
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*More than one person. Similar to we, only refering it to someone else instead of yourself.
Person One: We are going to get in the club!
Person Two: Yeah!
*two approach club*
Bouncer: You two arent getting in this club!
Person one: C'mon! Let us in!
Bouncer: You two arent cool enough!
by Linzilla V March 10, 2005
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A country with problems. Its not a democracy because the leaders are choson by politicians (the electorial college). Most politicians are their for the money and there for are run for by the corporations. There for America is run by the greedy, power hungy corporations. About half the population is over patriotic, supports every war the U.S. was invloved in, and is a christian fanatic who believes that the end times are here (I have nothing wrong with christianty so don't say I hate god). Everything revolves around sports which are fun and all but it is too seriouse. Throw out the electorial college and become educated my American brothers and sisters.
U.S.'s genocide against Indians, occupping (sp.?) left overs of the Spanish empire, getting involved in World War 1 (it was a war between imperial europian powers that we should have not taken sides in, like it really mattered both sides would've quit eventually.), taking sides in Vietnam (IT WAS A CIVIL WAR), messing with the mideast, Panama War, promising to liberate Iraq during the 1st Gulf War (we dropped leaflets encouraging Iraq's to rise up) then not coming and not coming while he was killing 1000's in the 90's and after all that settled down we came and fucked Iraq up and are now putting it into a civil war. What's next???
by Rusty Shakelfurd September 10, 2006
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Nickname of Cambridge United Football Club. Accept no imitations.
Come on you U's!
by ROFLDog September 24, 2008
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The country that will gobble you up and shit you back out in war if you piss them off.
Person 1: Did you see Germany after 1917? The US gobbled them up and shat them back out!
Person 2: Nah, that was Lord Gaben.
by A Potato-loving Cactus March 14, 2016
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