can't find the site anti-am.org
where tf is it?
by fukAm September 09, 2003
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U is for useless s is for shit
Guy 1 : Yo I just took a us
Guy 2 : Wow cool
by Pedoguy1234 April 17, 2020
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U.S is an acronym meaning 'Underground Sound'. It refers the music Verdict made early in his career as a rapper. He calls his squad the Matrix Underground because they consist mainly of the guys that were with him even before he became famous. Because we are never to despise the days of our early beginnings, he disregards the quality of those songs, albums and mixtapes, but embraces them as his ticket to his life as it is.
"A compilation of U.S singles."
"U.S songs are so inspiring!"
by Verdict._ November 06, 2018
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a verb noun it is the root of a language that only few a few understand cause of the word came from acid and loss of brain cells but it is nothing but positive and only brings positive good vibes and new friends.
i be out side on a usnem skahoot dad gang
by dad nem March 05, 2019
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