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The mathematical sum of you and me.
You + Me = Us.

When you and I are together, we form an us.
by Lauren G-Unit August 05, 2006

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A place where teenaged twats get together to write about how hard their lives are because their parents won't let them go to the Fall Out Boy concert.

Whereas livejournal is more commonly used for the community scene and actual writing talent, greatestjournal's sole purpose is to spawn new rating communities where insecure girls get reaffirmation by other insecure girls or get shot down and commit e-suicide or take their issues over to the communities: shitlist or howmuchyousuck.

When they are not applying for rating communities, they are roleplaying celebrities and making them all gay.

The site is 98% female. All of the males on the site are either gay or not really guys but girls roleplaying pretending to be "real" guys.
I totally wrote this super-hot Jake Gyllenhaal/Conor Oberst sex fest on greatestjournal last night.

I wonder how many icons I can make of some random ugly guy from some shitty post-hardcore band for my greatestjournal userpics.
by Lauren G-Unit July 30, 2006

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