an early access boomer shooter on steam, also called sex 2
it's if doom, quake and devil may cry had an orgy on a couch and god sprinkled 20 tons of cocaine on them

my point is that it's a good game, go buy it, it's 20 bucks
even though it seems expensive and still in early access it has a shitload of content
1: hey you heard of that early access game called ULTRAKILL?
2: yea, Civvie 11 reviewed it, and also remember when he said "BLOOD IS FUEL, FOR MY COCK"?
1: yea that was pretty funny
by DarkSundial August 5, 2021
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awesome game developed by Arsi "Hakita" Patala where you use blood as... health pickups?? is this game real?? BLOOD AS HEALTH PICKUPS???? AND A ROBOT PROTAGONIST WITH VAST AMOUNTS OF DRAWN PORN!??!?! OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOL AHDA DOW WD OAJDOI jwado AD
1: "Hey man, wanna play ULTRAKILL?"

2: "I consume the blood of my fallen foes for will power."

1: "That's sick."
by sppeccy August 1, 2021
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it's like a good game that you can't talk about because some degenerates can't comprehend that you have your own opinions
person: I like ULTRAKILL to a normal extent
"person": piss off
by bonixsteam March 15, 2022
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