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14/15-year-old girls used by boys in sixth form for a booty call. Decision taken on part of girl, having been blinded by boy's ability to wear own clothes at school and (often) possession of car. Decision taken on part of boy because attracting a girl of equal mental-level is too hard and UJ is easy poon.
'Ugh, check out mini-skank' 'That's the UJ that the whole William Howard Sixth Form has been handing round."

"Ugh why is that UJ getting served?" "Dob her in?" "Fuck yeah"
by swordfish49 April 05, 2010
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under the table job. when you're sitting at a table eating dinner or whatever and a girl gives you something (hj, bj) under the table
"Dude, we were having dinner with her parents and she gave me a uj."
by getsome5000 June 07, 2009
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pronounced huge without the h
means extremely young, youthful, fun, energetic (adjective)
new word, spread it!!!!
You are acting so uj today, did you have lots of sugar?
by BENessieCullen January 18, 2009
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