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Useless Fuck Syndrome - Those lazy fucks we all work with everyday and manage to keep their jobs.
UFS - The guy that sleeps on the job every friggen day and the bosses ignore it.

Never finishes anything.

Takes three years to do a two day project.
by smart1_us June 24, 2010
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Standing for Universal Frame System, UFS was designed to homogenize frame mounts for aggressive skate boots. It allows almost any frame to be used with any UFS-designed boot.
"My new Remz skates have UFS frames... now I can put my old Kizers on them."
by Clinto August 17, 2006
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Ugly Friend Syndrome (you know what im talking about...)
'It's too bad... that girl was so hot- bad case of UFS though.'
by Ricky January 06, 2004
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Acronym for "You Fucking Suck" ; commonly used by those named Hudson to affirm people's beliefs that they suck at life in general.
You know Jonathan- ufs..
by Dan "magNa" January 31, 2008
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Term used for an individual that was not blessed asthetically. These individuals may become more unattractive the more they open their mouths.
Simply stated, it means one ugly ass mo fo.
Unfortunately their face will not be their best asset.
Used in conversation:
"Audrina, please knock it off... First of all, who are you to try and tear people down? Are you a professional hater? Since you have NOTHING on this site except hate, it leaves me only on thing to critique you on. Your picture leads me to believe that you suffer from UFS. What's that??? You have been diagnosed with UNFORTUNATE FACE SYNDROME. Simply defined as one ugly bitch! Maybe it is your hater attitude that makes you so asthetically unpleasant. You're one sorry ass bitch"

by 2DefStef September 03, 2008
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