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In novels, usually mystery novels, a "red herring" is an extraneous character meant to divert the reader's attention from the true killer/robber/etc. It is usually a logical choice for the culprit, but ends up being nothing.
I thought Hampton was the killer, but he was a total red herring. It was Muldoon.
by Clinto September 6, 2005
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The concept of copies of something for which there is no original. Basically, copies of things that never existed. This concept usually deals with ideology as opposed to a physical "original" for which something can be copied.
A perfect example would be a 50s diner. They are all over, yet no diner in the 50s was anything like these commercial restaurants. The 50s diner is essentially the phsyical embodyment of the IDEA of the 50s as opposed to things that truly existed in the decade. This concept has been copied over the years, and now 50s diners are just about everywhere.

In a more recent example, simulacrum can be found in today's music. The genre of "new-new wave" has spread like a virus thanks to bands like The Killers and The Bravery. But if you go back and listen - it sounds nothing like new wave. Someone decided to call it new wave thanks to something like the use of synths and warbly guitar solos. Other bands then copied this style, and what you have are copies of copies of things that never really happened. Copies of "new wave" that doesn't really sounda thing like real, genuine new wave.
by Clinto September 5, 2005
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Standing for Universal Frame System, UFS was designed to homogenize frame mounts for aggressive skate boots. It allows almost any frame to be used with any UFS-designed boot.
"My new Remz skates have UFS frames... now I can put my old Kizers on them."
by Clinto August 17, 2006
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Pronounced "shadow," Xsjado is a new aggressive skate company whose mantra includes constant evolution. The boot is designed to be the most adjustable fitting system in the business, but its eccentric design is still up for debate among bladers. All of their boots make use of the UFS concept, so just about any frame can be coupled with any Xsjado boot. The skates have received much praise for their light weight and large grind space. They are often criticised by non-users, but the Xsado riders have been giving the brand nothing but thumbs up.

The defining feature of the Xsjado boot is their footwrap concept. Instead of a traditional liner, Xsjado skates use a specially designed shoe that snaps into the boot. The mechanism is very similar to the strap in binding systems popularised by snowboard companies. The footwrap design saves weight and allows for closer tightening than normal boot designs normally allow. Reviewers have enjoyed this feature, saying that it makes the skate feel more like a shoe and less like a clunky extension of the body.
"Did you see those new Xsjado Farmer boots? They look crazy!"
by Clinto August 17, 2006
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