All UD Dumbass Editors. They’re all stupid and made up off e-girl 14 year olds. They whine and cry and reject good definitions. If a UD editor is reading this, fuck you. UD Editors are the equivalent of Discord Mods.
UD Dumbass Editors when they see this: Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! This guy is calling me a dumbass idiot!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaa!!!!!!!
by 1955 Cadillac Coupe Deville December 26, 2022
Someone who you would murder if you could teleport behind them. Preferably in front of their bed with a sledgehammer at night. Because they're such self important faggots who don't realize this site is for memes
ud volunteer editor lmao what a fag
by OG Crackhouse May 26, 2020
A bunch of sorry worthless piles of shit who only get out of bed to decide what gets to go on a silly little informal dictionary website. Truly a group of self important losers.
ud volunteer editors should really just kill themselves. Their parents and their 2 friends are the only ones who would miss their sorry asses.
by OG Crackhouse May 26, 2020
Sussy bakas who reject innocent definitions and facts on the Internet, then allow.....other stuff.
Me: I searched oui. Can you keep this definition?
Random editing dude: Nah. I know what I'm doing.
Me: Dude, it's right there.
Random editing dude: *proceeds to make oui all about (censored) and other stuff.
Me: Wow ud editors are just.... ewwwwww...
by FlameRocky3 June 11, 2022