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Someone who goes through pages of words doing the UD owners jobs for them. They are generally people who have no lifes:
Keira Knightley: Hey do you want to come out to a party with me, get rich and famous and spend the rest of you life being loved beyond your wildest dreams?
UD Editor: No thanks i have to go approve sexual and racist slurs on Urban Dictionary.com
Keira Knightley: lol Goomba
by Mapperz February 23, 2008
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Australian Slang for an Idiot
Often used by swimming coaches to describe someone pissing around in their sessions
Ian Thorpe: How was that coach?
Australian Swimming Coach: It was crap you boof head
Ian Thorpe: *SLAP*
by Mapperz February 20, 2008
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A day, or a mini week, w/e u want =
James: Hey remember that weeklet where we hella pwned that nub AND caused a lolocaust
Bob: Yeah that was hella sweet XD
by Mapperz February 20, 2008
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