15 definitions by confused cajun man

I have to find a woman soon or I’ll be lost forever. My future is pretty much all predetermined now.

I have limited skills. This scares me
Jewish ud editors
by confused cajun man February 3, 2021
I’m never going to get anything. I might as well think about ending this life. I have no job skills. I’m way out of luck
I’m going to be a failure.
by confused cajun man January 24, 2021
Speak out.

Because you’re sick and tired.

Want to be recognized.

But they just don’t give it.
Angry at the lack of giving back.

They lead you straight off the track.

You’ve had enough.

But the ambition is still pouring.

Even while the work is still boring.

Say what you mean.
Because it doesn’t matter anyway.
Don’t sweat it if you’re cast aside.
by confused cajun man January 25, 2021