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A mis-spelt version of Dictator.

In this case used as a joke term for a Dictator who is an ass (as many are).

Also can be extended as "Greasy Dicktaters", a common used name to insult fellow political members.
Politic1: That dicktater needs to be hung!
Politic2: Agreed to that! Hang him high!
Politic3: Very high! And VERY dry indeed!
Dicktater: Lol Wut?
by Spaztik-Plaztik May 24, 2007
The editors and mainstream controllers of the entire Urban Dictionary.

Know for thier intellect and ability to help this massive dictionary grow.

This post is placed to recall the great things the UD editors have brought to all that view this site.

Thanks, from the words of accepted and rejected alike, for being our UD editors!
The UD Editors team, growing more, has made this place change for the best, and continue it as the days go by.
by Spaztik-Plaztik May 24, 2007
Often confuzed with "masturbation"
It has nothing to do with that, though it may be used unwisely by some.
It is used to de-compliment someone or make fun of how they look.
Used Correctly:
"Look at that guy! He is such a Mass-Turd!"
Used Incorrectly:
"I Mass-Turd all night last night!"
by Spaztik-Plaztik November 6, 2005
A user on an MMORPG or RTS game that causes high/low latency issues, also causes lag or dies three seconds into playing.

Often misused as a name for a server or website that causes you lag.
(Reference commonly used)
Bud1: That lagger's going to crash so soon!
Bud2: Yeah, he's not at the right latency setting!

(Starcraft referencing
Alias1: Our game is going too slow! Ban the lagger!
Alias2: Fucking hell, *Saves game as "WHO THE FUCK IS THE LAGGER!?".
by Spaztik-Plaztik May 24, 2007