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People who can look like 7 other people in 5 minutes and have 18 different passports with 35 different names.

Work for the part of government who thinks they are the smart ass and center of the world. People usually have a love-hate relationship with them, in the sense that you get amazed by the jobs they do but also hate their snobby know-it-all attitude. In movies they are the people who flash a wallet and roar "FBI!" as they chase after terrorists with legit looking guns.

Favorite phrase is "that information is classified." This phrase is also the reason why people think they are snobby know-it-alls.
Person 1: Who wear sunglasses on a rainy day looking like they are going to the concert in that suit?
Person 2: Some kind of FBI Agent...
by tyrekesage May 27, 2010
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Best thing that will happen in your life. Nuff said. If you went to Cal, you know what I mean. If you go to Cal right now, you're the luckiest crowd living the best lives. If you are going to go to Cal, be prepared for the best years of your life. We got brains, got heart, got spirit, and $tanfurd got nothing on us. Go Bears.
Person 1: I need a synonym for "heaven," or "best place on earth."
Person 2: UC Berkeley
by tyrekesage May 26, 2010
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