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An acronym for Ugly best friend. A friend kept around to make yourself look better by comparison.
Dude, I get so many people checking me out when I'm out with my UBF.
by An On E Moose November 03, 2006
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Unwiped Butt Feeling. One usually gets this feeling after recently defecating. It is an irritating burn / itch around the anus and can also spread to the surrounding cheeks. Anal leakage and poor wiping are the main causes. It can be relieved by wiping with toilet paper in which fecal matter will come off your bum.
Dan: "Man! This UBF is killing me. It hurts to walk."
Dave: "What do you know about UBF. Go to the bathroom and take care of that."
by dallen26 October 21, 2010
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United Blue Family. A crip oriented gang that originated from Burleson, TX. The gang's number is 13. Started from a group of highschoolers.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear about UBF graffiting the bathrooms?

Guy 2: Yea man keep in on the dl though.
by Southern Lightz February 18, 2011
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buy the domain for your recipe blog
The union of british fascists (UBF) is a political party often unfairly compared to the BNP. The UBF is dedicated to the purification of the white british living in the UK. This is primarily to solve the overpopulation of the UK, partly to lower very significantly its crime rate, and also to get rid of irritating accents eg easy now i live in the ghetto etc etc.
The founder of the UBF, who tends to prefer to remain unnamed, has no real reason for having these opinions, but there you go.
The UBF has always claimed to be a non violent organization, although the anonymous founder always tends to have UNEXPLAINED bruises on his face and body. I believe him though.
The party's other policies are
Secede from EU
Absolutely no immigration
Kill all chavs
Bring the troops home
Keep takeaway workers
Stop doing what the US tells us
At the next election, i'm going to vote UBF!
Naaaa blud daaan't do daaat!
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When you and a dude are talking and Y'all don't date because of certain reasons
Tink:"Yeah Goofy Is My UBF"
Minnie:"Mm Y'all Cute"
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Unborn fart found on intestinal xray of a darken area or bubble
There are 5 UBF on your intestinal xray
by Kuehlstein December 23, 2017
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