The utter most ghetto area of a state or providence, mainly populated by "hardcore" and "druggie" stereotypes.
There is no way in hell i'm going down to U-town after dark!
by stephanie isB0SS June 15, 2008
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Urbana, Illinois. U town Killas is the hip-hop group that began using this term to talk about their hood, and it quickly spread around Urbana- Champaign, Illinois though it has not caught on to a larger speaking audience probably because Urbana-Champaign remains unknown to most people.
We some U town killas
by dudero July 27, 2006
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better known as University City, county of St. Louis, MO, birthplace of the St. Lunatics, and home to the dopest drumline anywhere.
Up in U Town, man, they know how to get down...
by Zaggs October 14, 2005
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Any female that lives in Urbana who has had sex with a profuse amount of people && and has also been on her knees a couple times.

Also, a special breed of bustdown that doesn't care who you are, where you come from, how you look, who you go with, how much money you have, or even if you got a dieases just as long as she is getting the dick.

All above is invailed unless the female in question denies doing the things she has obviously done. If she admits to the offences, she is not a bustdown, she is just well traveled hoe.
Tima: Did you hear about Chayleanne licking Manquell's naughty spots?

Asha: Girl, yea, and I heard she gave his brother sum lovin' too! But uh, didn't his brother get her sister pregnant last summer.

Tima: Yup, and he ain't paying child support. That's a U-Town Bustdown for you.

by ab_babi_gurl January 14, 2007
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U-Town, also known as Uniontown, is the most amazing city out there! We have super fly city kids and very laid-back country kids. We also have the gangstas, emos, goths, preps, and your occational geek. Most of the kids get bored, but that don't mean anything. We are just soo used to having an entertaining time, that if something don't happen my noon, we get bored. We hang with out cliques and chill in the streets! U-Town also has the best school of ALL TIME! U-Town High School Red Raiders are beastie. Much better than neighboring LH. Without U-Town, I think society would be quite boring. Mostly because we have many important aspects such as.. ME!!! Well, everyone who is ANYONE knows about U-Town because we be gangstas!
Gangsta Bob: U-Town, Pennsylvania is so fly cuz we have all da sexy b*tches, yo!

Emo Fred: Even I agree with Gangsta Bob.

Geek Marty: I wish some of the SUPER HOTT girls from U-Town HS would come into my computer fantasies!
by Captain Hayzliness January 10, 2007
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