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The utter most ghetto area of a state or providence, mainly populated by "hardcore" and "druggie" stereotypes.
There is no way in hell i'm going down to U-town after dark!
by stephanie isB0SS June 15, 2008
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Urbana, Illinois. U town Killas is the hip-hop group that began using this term to talk about their hood, and it quickly spread around Urbana- Champaign, Illinois though it has not caught on to a larger speaking audience probably because Urbana-Champaign remains unknown to most people.
We some U town killas
by dudero July 27, 2006
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better known as University City, county of St. Louis, MO, birthplace of the St. Lunatics, and home to the dopest drumline anywhere.
Up in U Town, man, they know how to get down...
by Zaggs October 14, 2005
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