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Tyy- a really cool nigga who dont really need.nobody , super loyal and unpredictable . Can also be anti-social at times but loves people
You so tyy😩
by YoungSav June 18, 2018
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Thank you Yakuzi. A nonsensical statement that originates from Denmark (2019). Usually used by hardcore slangers and kool kids.
Real wordtards deny this.
RASMUS: "Nice stache, m8". MUSTACHE-MARK: "TYY".
by swagg0rDK November 10, 2019
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This boy is to keep. He has a great personality and a great friend, a fellow memer but aren't we all? Loves mobile games, usually plays pubg and ε’ŒεΉ³η²Ύθ‹±(China ver or pubg).
He can usually be found sleeping or playing Badminton or watching China youtubers
Smart as heck, but not in English tho. Girls secretly love him, he's cute and funny, he swears but he really cares about your feelings.

A great bro.
Bruhhhh you know tyy? Bruh he cute
BRO I might have a crush on tyy

Bro, tyy? Best friend, best bro
by Ihatemydad June 03, 2019
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