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The sweetest person ever. Really friendly and kind to everyone and an amazing and talented person. Anyone is lucky to be friends with Tyran as his smiles and personality is contagious.

xx Maddy :)
That kid is so sweet, just like a Tyran!!!
by maddzo xxx June 08, 2012
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A little bitch boy with a little dick everygirl he’s tried to get said they can’t feel him
Hey did you get with Tyran last night yeah but I couldn’t feel him at all
by Tyransascrub May 30, 2018
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A tall, slim motherfucker who looks like malt chocolate. Tyrans generally date girls named after department stores and drive around being a typical black guy. They’re very into 90’s appearal and send pictures of there nutsacks around. They’re typically in the wild but can be found at your nearest wild African savannah. They originated from a Congo tribed called the “Niggritos” and there’s only a few left.
That monkey is a real Tyran.
by Rapture ballz May 04, 2018
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