Mostly used after someone’s name.

Basically saying that that is something the person would do.
Mary: Uhh! Haley is soo annoying and childish! Why is she still playing with dolls
Jason: she gives off a jojo siwa type beat.
by Omwttyn May 19, 2019
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Whenever you find yourself saying "type shit" keep it PG and say type beat.
"Man this abandoned hospital is spooky. This is some scooby doo type beat"
by Yoeyamyamal3001 February 8, 2020
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Type Beat -in music terms- is a beat that replicates a featured artist (Ariana Grande Type Beat)

It can be used to talk about someone having the same characteristics as another person
James was wearing adidas and nike together. Aaron is doing the same thing

'Hey Aaron, you're on a James type Beat'
by RobbieAnthonySlang November 21, 2020
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When someone who produces music but not famously makes a beat tagging a very famous celebrity in it, with hopes that they will hear the beat and use it one day.
Joe: I made this beat inspired by Drake's sound, hope he uses it.

Tom: Yeah that sounds like something he would make.

-That's a Type Beat
by Mz.KnowItAll February 22, 2012
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It literally means something’s type.
James: You see that girl over here?
Carl: Yeah her name Emma I think. What?
James: I’m down bad but she seems like a VSCO girl Type Beat.
by Dumbhoecream June 3, 2021
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When a person or a thing does something to ruin something for their friends, family, or teammates; usually this statement is used in party chats for video games
omg DJ is such an Itachi type beat
by Rakurai-San June 13, 2023
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