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Mostly used after someone’s name.

Basically saying that that is something the person would do.
Mary: Uhh! Haley is soo annoying and childish! Why is she still playing with dolls
Jason: she gives off a jojo siwa type beat.
by Omwttyn May 18, 2019
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When someone who produces music but not famously makes a beat tagging a very famous celebrity in it, with hopes that they will hear the beat and use it one day.
Joe: I made this beat inspired by Drake's sound, hope he uses it.

Tom: Yeah that sounds like something he would make.

-That's a Type Beat
by Mz.KnowItAll February 22, 2012
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when a male fucks a female but loud ass music is playing .
“me and Tonya fucked last night but it was crazy cuz we type beated
by saucey mcgee August 19, 2019
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