Tall, and skinny. Has the most pretty eyes. Long, soft brown hair. And a great personality. Can often be found playing video games, or hanging with friends. He's very touchy feely; loves hugs. He knows how to make someone smile. Isn't quite sure what he wants. He always seems to be confused. He's loving, confused, caring, amazing. Awesome. He's Tyler.
"He's such a Tyler."
by AllyCat5 May 30, 2011
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He's such a gimp he must be called tyler
by Jgiemmniay November 11, 2018
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Tyler is the only thing that describes the word "perfection." the most caring person in the world, and fun. No one can match up to the amazingness that this Name describes. What would the world do without Tyler?
by ambiiieee February 15, 2012
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Tyler is amazingly perfect! Tall and deliciously sexy. He's always making his girl (me) :D feel special and his whole world. He's my universe and everything else. He usually has a few stage 5 clingers lol but it's not thier fault cause, Tyler is AMAZING! His love and anything he says is true to the heart. He can be a smartass at times but that's what makes him, him! He's a badass and a "God" in his eyes haha but nonetheless he's Mine!
Tyler, You're my everything baby ;)
by The Mrs. April 19, 2013
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A handsome man, usually with brown hair and hazel eyes. Man, can he melt hearts with those babies. He is one of the most caring men you will ever come across. He has such a huge heart and a beautiful soul, even though he is stubborn as all fucking hell sometimes and it takes a little more of a stern talking to to get through to him, he eventually comes around.

He is overthinks everything. You name a problem and he has probably come up with 7 trillion different negative outcomes, though he is working on being able to look on the positive side of things. He definitely does not give himself enough credit and always doubts himself which in turn hurts those around him. Why can't he see that we all love him and want him to succeed in everything he does?

He's a wonderful human being with an extraordinary heart and mind.
Have you seen Tyler lately? Man he has got it going on.
by ThatOneBarista June 18, 2017
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