The worst hall you can live in because it's full of fucktards.
Guy in Three Front: Hey, where do you live now?
Guy Who Used to be in Three Front: Two Front.
Guy in Three Front: Oh... fucktard.
by ThreeFront4Life April 19, 2011
This primarily occurs only with males. The Two-Fronts War happens while standing to piss and your bowels begin to move in order to evacuate thus beginning the struggle to piss while not also shitting oneself.
I was at the urinal trying to piss when all of a sudden the Two-Fronts War broke out.
by Jrodddr September 28, 2018
Something That You Want The Most For Christmas. From the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."
That 56" High Def Tv Is My Two Front Teeth!
by Tim Godsil November 24, 2007
She has Two Passengers Up Front.
by X_herb July 22, 2011
When you date two different girls that are friends, and both of them just now found out that you also date their friend.
Please dont till anyone at work that im banging Emily at sales departement. Specially not mention it to Hanna at engineering. Im trying to avoid a two front war
by ISbit February 18, 2017
When you are taking a piss and need to shit
Jim: what's up with the door slamming in the bathroom
George: I had a war on two fronts
by raygun20 July 12, 2021
When you and your boi are hittin it hard from both sides and you both cum at the same time, leading to a friendly alliance lasting for 15 years
"Oh hell yeah me and James totally gave Molly the war on two fronts, we're like best buds now"
by pompenguin December 6, 2016