this slang is frecuently used in New York,which means a glass of water.
I´m scorching,will you please give me a two cents plane?
by jose venegas October 03, 2005
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A bastardization of "My Two Bits"

The phrase to give ones opinion was orininally 'My Two Bits'... but has been incorrectly proliferated as 'My Two Cents.'
Person 1: "Thats is just my two cents"

Person 2: "You mean, 'My Two Bits' you moron... by misquoting the phrase, you illustrate just how stupid your opinion is anyways."
by Chris July 22, 2006
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To add your opinion in a discussion or a topic that's usually unrelated to you.
James and John was having a debate about who's smarter? their mom said " I am" James replied thanks mom for adding your two cents.
by Jaye_$upreme February 02, 2016
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This is a girlfriend who goes around and sleeps with all of your friends.
Oh and now you're going around trying to sleep with my friends
Hey good, that really makes you an empowered individual - no wait, did I say empowered individual? I meant two-cent gutter slut
by Jojoba Loofah Milktowel June 27, 2008
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"His dad really shouldnt be that strict, you know. He should be much less aggressive... Well thats my two cents."
by James McArthur January 28, 2006
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to give your opinion in a conversation, often when it is not wanted
She always has to put her two cents worth in! Why can't she just keep quiet?
by yeganehaym November 21, 2013
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Basically having an IQ less than average; being Republican, while not being rich (aka cents, money) and not paying much taxes or any due to being poor; a middle class individual who happens to side with Republicans (aka: lack of sense, abstractly inferred by "cents")
That man in the bar, drinking beer and who is rambling about politics is two cents short of a buck.
by Epiphiana December 05, 2010
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