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Pleasuring a girl with your fingers at a table whilst your friends sit beside and across from you and have no idea what your doing.
Guy:Wow i was twixing this girl all night
Friends:Aw were we there?
by Miguel Sanchez The Third August 31, 2010
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After anal sex you insert a Twix into participants anus, as though it were a dildo, until the chocolate melts. After this, the Twixer then Feltches the particepant. This allows for the semen to taste more chocolaty.
Yo man I loved twixing her last night, it tasted Grrrrreat.

I was going to twix her but all I had was a Snikers
by IvanDobsky October 26, 2008
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An act that is undertaken by two people. When one person sits on the lap of a person who is already seated upon a toilet.
When in position, both parties defecate. The person who is seated "on top" defecates between the legs of the already defecating person.

Thus giving the appearance of a Twix hanging into the toilet basin.
Howay, let me in the bog I am desperate for a shite. I don't mind twixing with ya.
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by Mr Ippon August 01, 2018
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When you ear fuck someone and use the wax as a lubricant for anal, in which by mixing the ear wax and shit acquired through anal, you create a Twix bar.
“Yo y’all Twix last night??”
Yea that shit was sweet, twixing is my favorite”
by TheAguirres November 07, 2018
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when your hungry during sex so you grab a twix bar and eat one half as you finger your fat girlfriend with the other half then proceed to eat the twix bar like lady and the tramp with your partner.
oh man i was twixing fat sharon at the weekend
by beninburn May 03, 2019
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