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Pleasuring a girl with your fingers at a table whilst your friends sit beside and across from you and have no idea what your doing.
Guy:Wow i was twixing this girl all night
Friends:Aw were we there?
by Miguel Sanchez The Third August 31, 2010
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After anal sex you insert a Twix into participants anus, as though it were a dildo, until the chocolate melts. After this, the Twixer then Feltches the particepant. This allows for the semen to taste more chocolaty.
Yo man I loved twixing her last night, it tasted Grrrrreat.

I was going to twix her but all I had was a Snikers
by IvanDobsky October 26, 2008
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An act that is undertaken by two people. When one person sits on the lap of a person who is already seated upon a toilet.
When in position, both parties defecate. The person who is seated "on top" defecates between the legs of the already defecating person.

Thus giving the appearance of a Twix hanging into the toilet basin.
Howay, let me in the bog I am desperate for a shite. I don't mind twixing with ya.
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by Mr Ippon August 01, 2018
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When you ear fuck someone and use the wax as a lubricant for anal, in which by mixing the ear wax and shit acquired through anal, you create a Twix bar.
“Yo y’all Twix last night??”
“Yea that shit was sweet, twixing is my favorite”
by TheAguirres November 07, 2018
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