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While in the Hallways of a crowded area (commonly a school), the people who stand around doing nothing and end up getting in the way of those trying to pass. The cancer continues to grow as more people join the group eventually blocking the entire hallway.
I was late to History because the Hallway Cancer was especially bad today.
by Fraser91 May 24, 2008
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Twite is not a word. It isnt even real slang. A couple of slow friends of mine thought that is what British people say as a statement of agreement. It does not mean ANYTHING and you sound like a complete ass when you use it.

Also, people might think you are calling them a twat. Another reason not to use it.
"Man that movie was sweet"
"...What the Hell did you call me"
"Nothing I just said twite!"
"I hate you."
by Fraser91 January 22, 2008
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