To roll up a blunt of marijuana.

Recently came into popular use after being used on the West Coast.
Marco: "Chill dawg...break bread so I can finesse this OG into this blunt and twist up."

Juan: Say less.
by King Vicious April 23, 2018
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To twist your fingers in a "W" shape indiccating "West Coast"
"Tell the DJ to bang my shit, the west-coast in this bitch
(Pop bottles and twist up)"

Song: Lets Ride
Artist: Game
by Chrissssstina Ridiculous December 9, 2008
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To be high as fuck and drunk as hell. The result of lots of weed and liquor. The only way to really get down.
by ASU Mutant October 17, 2011
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One level higher than the common term, "don't get it twisted."

When a guy/girl already got it twisted and you're warning them not to twist it up anymore.
It means getting to the point where you won't be able to undo what's done.
Him: Where you taking me tonight baby? Do you think this dick is free?
Her: I'm the prize, baby. Don't twist it up.
by juicybooty92 February 2, 2021
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ey come on ain't no one seen bringing down the house?
it means i love you
~the cool points are out and im all twisted up in your game.
~aww kevin dat's da sweetest thing anyone has ever told me
by sandra January 20, 2004
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