When you roll your wax or shatter concentrate into a worm and twist it around the outside of a joint or blunt.
Yo, twax that j up. Let's get Chinese eyes, man.
by Cheechnchong97 August 7, 2014
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A another word for sex. It's cross between the two words tap and wax
Man Chelsea is so fine i can't wait to twax that ass
by Young Stunna April 19, 2006
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It was a veritable forest down there,(where the wild things are) A twaxxing was required.
by Sittenspin March 22, 2019
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1) in foreign languages, it means theft of a car

2) Mistakingly pronounced to mean female genitals
1) sdfhmkndf twax dihfd

2) thatz some sexy twax
by scoot March 29, 2004
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Twax is twax

(If you know you know)
Ayeee I’m stoned as fuck, let’s go get some twax at Safeway yea?”

“Hell yea man I could go for some rn”
by TheBoysss May 4, 2022
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To have nasty dirty sex with some for the first time.
Im twaxing the new girl. I'd like to twax that.
by Liquid Eagle June 21, 2016
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twax, twaxed, twaxing

slang for taxing, or marking up a product or service more than it is valued at market. Typically used when weed or drugs dealers are charging more than average, or giving less product than they agreed.
EX 1:
Me: "Yo you paid $50 for an eighth?"
Friend: "Yeah he said it was some fire all the way from Cali."
Me: "Nah this stuff mid bro, this ain't top shelf. You def just got twaxed."

EX 2:
Me: "You said you bought a zip?"
Friend: "Yeah."
Me: "Lil bro you got twaxed this bag short two grams."
by meggis May 12, 2022
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