Turn Up is a lifestyle for the party extraordinaire. They get their look and party supplies from the turn up website and are always supporting getting turnt. the high power blog has every party essential someone could ask for.
"hey man you're a party animal, that's an awesome flask set you have where'd you get it?!"
"thanks i got it from the turn up store!"
"cool and where'd you get that awesome outfit?"
"turn up store also!"
by alb829 December 17, 2013
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To turn the heat up at a banquet hall in an event such as prom utilizing a large circular dial
by FiaccoSays November 21, 2014
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The stupidest phrase on the face of the earth.
It is commonly used by African Americans on Weed.
Black dude: I`m on man weeeed Turn Up!
Me: SHUT UP!!!!!
by Definatly a "White Boy" January 18, 2014
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What Austin is doing when he's about to spend a late night making some serious money.
Austin: Tonight I'm fasho going to turn up!
Anyone else: CHA-CHING!
by TheRealScammer November 02, 2014
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A condition people are in when they are ready to turn up. This can happen when your sitting at home and just get the urge to party or when you come to a party too turnt.
"Bro calm down we haven't even left the house yet"

"Sorry man I got the Turn Ups"
by Bellahope June 25, 2015
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Turn up: This is a lively, hullabaloo and fun situation when people go out with friends to hangout and rock.
Shade it's Saturday today, i know we haven't been invited, but let's go turn up at the wedding down the street.
by Misspreetyslim February 05, 2020
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Raised your energy and enthusiasm; get excited; have a good time crunk
by Potency878 February 26, 2016
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