v. a phrase used by irritated white people when others say 'Turn Up' taking the phrase literally.

To not get rowdy, remain calm
"Turn up, turn up, turn up!"
"Man, turn down already and stfu"
by Irate0000 August 2, 2013
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When you at a party and someone does something completely stupid or disgusting that makes you say turn down for that instead of turn down for what.
(Crazy Drunk Bastard)-Turn down for what?! *strips off pants & starts twerking*
(TD4T Enthusiast)-Turn down for that. *pointing at crazy drunk bastard*
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The act of two straight male negotiating the terms to sleep each other after being shut down too many times by the opposite sex.
Carl: damn I can't pick upno girl at the pub, Walzer you want to turn down?.

Walzer: turn down for what?

Carl: two shots of Jameson.

Walzer: ok
by Bda369 November 15, 2013
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A sexual act where, the female is in the doggy position with her ass as far in the air as possible, the male crouches over her facing opposite of her head points his penis down with his hand and inserts it into the females pussy, hence like the turn down exhaust on a car.
That bitch loves the Turn-down position, its good for me cause I don't have to look at her face.
by JTDeadmoney December 4, 2007
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A noticeable change in your behavior after you start dating someone. If you don't act as wild as you used to, you've "turnt down for bae".
Guy 1: Alright, so who's payin for strippers?
Guy 2: No strippers, guys. She, uh... you know.
Guy 3: Oh right, turn down for bae.
by The TrUth will find you out March 27, 2015
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To "turn up" is to get drunk and/or high, party, and forget about life for awhile. To "turn down" would be to get serious, go to work, and deal with reality.

Turn Down For What (the song) is a social commentary making the point that many people -- especially in "the hood" -- feel that even if they do "turn down" and do everything society expects of them, the deck is still so stacked against them that their lives still will not improve.

So why bother to turn down, if there's nothing to turn down for?
We shouldn't waste our lives turning up constantly. Maybe we should turn down.

Turn down for what? What's the point? I might as well just make myself feel good and enjoy living for the moment.
by Rubric77 May 27, 2019
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A demand to act less flamboyant as a gay man, usually uttered between homosexuals preferring more masculine, straight acting behavior.
Hey dude, turn down the rainbow, you're gonna be meeting my conservative redneck parents and I don't want them stringing you up on our barbwire fence.
by UrbanHomo December 7, 2009
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