Someone who is inherently lame or is generally not worth a shit.
Hey you turd wrangler, make us some fucking coffee!
by PilotMike April 02, 2005
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One who wrangles turds,Before your Partner take a dump you stuff your manhood in their ass to Wrangle some turds ie: homo

in nautical terms a Turd Wrangler would be know as an Ass Pirate
"i was up on Brokeback Mountain Wrangling Turds"

"dude your such a turd wrangler"

"Sven please hog tie me and wrangle my turds"

"Honey its Turd Wrangling Thursday, get the stick of butter"

by Lucious Lou August 11, 2006
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Someone that fingers a person in the asshole and upon the removal of the finger(s) a turd follows. This could lead to embarrassment for one or both parties.
Person 1: Hey did you hear what happened to Dale?
Person 2: No, what happened?
Person 1: He became a Turd Wrangler while he was fingering Karen's ass.
Person 2: What a Champ! He shall now be called (Name of State where Turd was Wrangled) Turd Wrangler. Ex. Texas Turd Wrangler or TTW or TT-Dubs.
by Bananagram92 July 18, 2016
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A Turd Wrangler is the person that scoops the dog poop out of your back yard for you.

Turd Wrangling is the act of scooping poop from parks and yards, changing kitty litter pans or any pet waste clean up and removal.

Turd Wranglers is also the name of a company that does pet waste removal.
Turd Wrangler, a person that performs the duty of scooping poop. To wrangle is to round up, to gather or collect a group of like items. Hire a Turd Wrangler to round up your yard. Wranglers round up poop and clean your yard of pet waste. Turd is another word for poop, excrement, or feces.
by Chief Excrement Officer September 02, 2012
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Gay cowboy, one who wrangles turds, Asstagger, reverse flesh turd inserter
"Leroy and Max wear cowboy hats while they get their assbang on. What a couple of turdwranglers"...Said Joel to his biggot friend G W.
by Pricetron October 20, 2006
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