A turbocharger or "turbo" is an air compressor used in a forced induction, internal combustion engine, that increases the density of the air going into the intake, allowing it to burn more efficiently.

A turbocharger works by a turbine driven by the engine's exhaust gas, which drives the compressor fan to force air into the engine.

An intercooler can be added in addition to this, allowing the air to be cooler, as air is denser at lower temperatures.

Unlike superchargers, which are driven by the torque of the engine, a turbocharger's power may take some time to gather the pressure required to turn the turbine fast enough to produce significant boost this is called the "lag" effect, and is more common with single larger turbochargers.
Passenger: "Oh man my head is in my stomach right now"

Driver: "That would be the huge rush of power produced by the turbocharger!"
by Mayor West October 16, 2009
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A turbocharger is a method of forced induction in a car's engine. It is powered by the by exhaust gas through the exhaust manifold which spins a turbine on the back of the turbo. This spins a turbine on the front of the turbo called the compressor wheel that sucks in air and compresses it, sends it through an intercooler and into the intake manifold, into the combustion chamber and creates boost.
dude, nice turbocharger, that thing must eject a lot of gas
by Butterfiners December 9, 2017
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To turbocharge a girl, one must take a big breath of fresh air and blow it up her vagina to compress it (also known as supercharging). The compressed air will cause the girl to queef in your mouth. To turbocharge you must force the air from the queef back into the vagina and continue to eat the girl out.
My girlfriend asked me to turbocharge her while I was eating her out.
by italianstallion923 August 24, 2012
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a nice cold 24 ounce can of beer
Hey can you hand me another turbocharger this ones empty!!!
by Shaggybear June 21, 2007
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1. When two people 69 underneath bed sheets, ideally white ones that resemble a traditional Roman toga, while each one holds a can of Red Bull or similar energy drink in one hand and slams it.
Friend #1: How did your night go with your new lady-friend Tanya, (or if talking to a woman, your new guy-friend Steve)?

Me: Wowwwww, Tanya/Steve and I Roman Turbocharged last night under the sheets, it was sooooo intense!

Friend #1: Please tell me more about this Roman Turbocharger you speak of!

Me: Basically, we got under the sheets, 69'ed, and slammed Red Bull!

Friend #1: Wow, sounds awesome, I will definitely be trying that next time I'm with my GF/BF!!
by Bill Sportz February 14, 2013
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a milano red ek civic with a underpowered turbocharged b16 with a way to small turbo and cool champ white valve cover... also the owner thinks said civic is tha ish!!!
PERSON 1: hey did you see Brooks' "turbocharged hawtness" milano red ek coupe?
PERSON 2: ya i did that thing is way wak but he thinks it is the ish!!!
by WAY2JDM4YOURASS November 25, 2008
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