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A tentacle protruding from one's belly.
Ghost freak's second form from Ben Ten has multiple tunts.
by Tunt man June 21, 2018
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A level three employee that works at The Jeffers Corporation.
My sister was recently promoted from Boot to Tunt at Jeffers. She is really excited about it.
by Maddie Horner August 09, 2006
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The cleavage between a woman’s breasts when used to stimulate the penis.

Part "T"it, part C"unt" = "Tunt". IE: A titty fuck.

The tunt is often brought to a spectacular end with the presentation of a pearl necklace.
My girlfriend was on the rag, and I was horny, so she gave me some tunt action. I was so pleased I immediately gave her a pearl necklace
by ToddBellbrook November 22, 2005
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Basically, the root meaning comes from the movie "Visioneers;" and is referring to "humany humans" that can not think for themselves and do as they're told. Can also refer to people who think they're "individualistic," and tend to crap on the "efforts" of people that are more or less their developmental equals (as an added irony, 99.9% of the human population is a TUNT). If you have a lip piercing and think you're "Different"'re a TUNT. If you talk shit about people who talk about things like golf or partying, YET, you get drunk or "420" and think you're cool because you listen to SlipKnot or Lady Gaga....YOU AND the people you're talking shit about ARE TUNTS. If you describe people that are somewhat "eccentric" for formulating their own opinions, and conclusions about people; and things that are so obvious, it shames Non-Tunts for the TUNTS that have "NOT gotten it." You are ALSO the people to go on to describe such people as "funny, weird, bizarre, eccentric, or crazy" etc. If you're a Capricorn, OR a Virgo--this list does not pertain to you, because by are automatically A TUNT.

Non-Tunt = Observation. Obviousness. Knowledge. Critical Thinking. Brain Storming. Consciousness. Self Assurance. REAL Individuality. Using Language that is considered the PROPER ENGLISH, or considered "archaic" to everyone else because, you could CARE LESS if people think "you're cool."
Non-Tunt- "Hey, I have an idea...why don't we find out how Don Rickles combs his hair only using a wet rag!"

Tunt- (Questionable Look) "I don't get it."

PS: If you at any time frowned questionably while reading this, tilted your head in confusion, or said, "what?" or "huh?"...... CONGRATULATIONS, YOU are the MAJORITY.
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cross between cunt and twat used for dissin people
your a stupid ass tunt!
by speshul_K August 28, 2005
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A large amount of cunts in the surrounding area. A sexual slam toward women. Saying tunt might not get your ass kick by your girl friend or wife
What's wrong with them? They are being such tunts.
by Obiwan58 March 20, 2013
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When two different genitalia meet, and upon greeting decide it's not a good idea.
Once we got naked it turned out to be a tunt and we just went to sleep.
by Braunte September 05, 2008
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