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A term describing being stuck in slow moving or stopped traffic leading into a motor vehicle tunnel due to (1.) a person's poorly maintained brokendown crapbox of a car, (2.) another motorist's ignorance of the location of his/her fuel gauge needle, (3.) the local Department of Transportation authority selecting this day and time to close lane(s) down and stand around staring at the road, (4.) the half-wit trucker pulling a trailer too tall to clear the tunnel, or (5.) the motorist in the 4 wheel drive truck or SUV who crushed a car in his/her blind spot without utilizing a turn signal or common sense. This usually happens when you are already late to your destination.
"I was trying to get to work on time, but of course, I got tunnel fucked at the Holland 'cause some moron's rusty old F150 shit the transmission on the upgrade. I was an hour late."

"Joe's gonna be late. He got tunnel fucked downtown 'cause DOT is cleaning the storm drains. I don't know why they don't wait til after 10 P.M. for that stuff.
by TheRoadWarrior July 29, 2009
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