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When guys have slept with the same girl on different occasions.
Are you serious, you slept with Sara too. You know that makes you and Frankie Tunnel Buddies!
by Dick Shipton March 09, 2008
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When two male individuals have sex with the a female within a short period of time. This word became popular in the Howard Stern Show
Having sex with these chicks last night made us official Tunnel Buddies
by DeceptionDV February 03, 2009
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Two guys who have banged the same girl
Friend 1: So I heard you're with Susie now?
Friend 2: Yeah, why do you bring it up?
Friend 1: I was with her for a little. She's easy, we're gonna be tunnel buddies
by Quinn5thewin January 16, 2017
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When two guys have sex with the same girl, but at different times. Similar to eskimo brothers, but warmer and not as racist.
John and Tom had sex with Samantha and are now Tunnel Buddies.
by The_real_kp December 12, 2018
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When two gay men share a chronic addiction to anal fornication. Habituation of anal sex will eventually scar one's anus, marking one as a permanent "Tunnel-buddy."
"Oi, faggot, I heard you were officially labeled as a Tunnel-buddy by Anderson Cooper."
by xingm8y May 05, 2014
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