A popular social media website. Much like King Midas, Tumblr has the power to, rather than to turn everything it touches into gold, it turns it into the worst possible outcome. Tumblr is well known for the unintentional creation of Tumblr feminism, which is well credited for ruining the image of feminism.
Girl:"Hey I just got a tumblr"

Feminist on Tumblr: "Make sure to favorite my post about #endfathersday"
by Riley Freemen October 03, 2014
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A place on the internet where pretentious try-hards who think that they are smarter than everyone else just because they watch Dr. Who gather to brag about how "nerdy" they are because they play Pokemon. The people on this site also love to claim that they are bisexual or have a mental disorder so that they can get attention.
Tumblr user 1: I'm bisexual and I hate society! ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

Tumblr user 2: I play Pokemon and watch Attack on Titan and My Little Pony and Dr. Who; I’m such a nerd! Haha nerds for life! XD ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

Tumblr user 3: Guys, I think I have OCD and aspergers! These mental disorders that I diagnosed myself with make me different and special, so DON’T JUDGE ME! ...PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!
by dynomioshin June 17, 2014
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An inverted social network where the more ridiculous you look the cooler you are.
You dress like a twat... you'd be popular on Tumblr
by someguysdefinitions May 28, 2012
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A website filled with man-hating feminists who get upset about anything and everything because of "muh triggurs." They're so far into social justice that if you aren't a tri-gendered, omnisexual, panromantic, furrykin with schizophrenic ADHD and the ability to turn into a woman at will, you're a blight on the world and should kill yourself. Unless you want to change everything about yourself so people you'll never meet on the internet will like you, stay away from the site.
Tumblr is a breeding ground for the people that make up the pit stains on the shirt of life.
by Iamcraig August 11, 2014
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A site for people who think they care special and part of some internet cult when in realty, they are losers. Tumblr is a great place for sad white girls to post black and white photos/gifs of them crying about how hard their middle class life is or them cutting themselves. It's a place for "hipsters" to think they are unique and underground and girls begging for attention. Although tumblr may seem accepting at first, they actually hate 80% of the human population. People on tumblr think they are special and artsy, but when they get into the real world, they are pathetic losers with no friends.
Girl 1: hey did u c that pic of my cuts on tumblr
Girl 2: yeah it was soooooo artsy
Girl 1: uugh yeah i kno my life is soooo hard omg lol ^_^
by iloveallthesedicksinmybutt February 06, 2014
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a place where you can post anything and no one will judge you for it.
" i killed a bitch today. "

post that on facebook and people will be chocked and shit, but tumblr ... tumblr's cool.
by FUCKYOUIMDOPE October 28, 2010
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a virus. don't get one.
"hey, what's a tumblr?"
"oh man, it's a virus. it sucks, don't get one"
"oh em gee, thanks for telling me!"
by we'llbebackshortly January 31, 2011
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