To ask for head in a rude manner.
by b00gers October 14, 2005
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the weird way of saying tell
Hey Bob, tull us how you did that question
by teheguy1 August 29, 2010
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A state of disconnection, generally caused by drugs.

Origin: Phil, while on salvia
Phil, while on salvia: Oh, I feel so tulling.
by name already in use December 7, 2010
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A good Kahoot name that sounds like “Genitals
My teacher kicked me off kahoot because my name was Jenny Tulls
by Seabearkilla69 December 9, 2019
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One of the most uniques rock bands ever, they started in 1969 and are still playing today.

"Jethro Tull has released over forty albums. From blues, folk rock, prog rock, and jazz influences to touches of Far Eastern sounds (to name just a few), Tull's music is not easily sorted into a defined genre." a direct quote from thier site"

Members include: Ian Anderson (guitar, vocals, guitar), Marten Barre (guitar, flute), Andrew Giddings (keyboard) and many more
"Are you going to the Jethro Tull concert?"
"That guy we learned about in science for inventing the drill?"
"You are an idiot."
by KiltsRKool December 14, 2005
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(v.) The act of incorrectly assuming that a band whose name is a person's name is the name of a member of said band. This is most common by assuming that the band Jethro Tull's front man is actually named Jethro Tull, when, in reality, his name is Ian Anderson.

It is also common with the bands Gogol Bordello, Steely Dan, and Pink Floyd.
Mike: Did you see how amazingly Gogol Bordello can play his guitar?

Jeff: Dude, quit Jethro Tulling, the guy's name is Eugene Hütz, but he is most definitely amazing!
by LuciferSam1967 September 8, 2010
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Fronted by Ian Anderson (the flute-playing, codpiece-wearing badass), this band is behind the brilliance of songs such as "Aqualung" and "Locomotive Breath" as well as the concept album "Thick as a Brick."
"A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children."
by [dp] leviathan April 30, 2005
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