A tuggle is a furry woodland creature that lives in trees and plays tuggle war to settle arguments.
The tuggles played tuggle war to settle disputes amongst their fellow tree species.
by J ryd February 14, 2011
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A word referencing actor/dancer/security guard, Derrick T. Tuggle, also known as the "dancing dude" in The Black Keys' Lonely Boy music video
by Cierah January 06, 2012
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A tackle hug undertaken at speed
Jill: I hate Christmas at my aunt and uncles' house, my uncle always hug tackles me.

Jack: He... tuggles you?

Jill: That would be an appropriate word, yes.
by Cpt. Chaos December 26, 2009
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A sex crazed girl who likes to swim a lot and is into all sorts of kinky things.
exactly what kind of example are we talking about here? Like a person's name or something? Come on i cant say her name. Lets just call her the girl friend
by Not Exactly Selgoob April 25, 2005
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result of a limp-wristed, wrongly-angled hand used for self gratifaction, producing a less than desirable full-on wank. See also: DL's casty hand.
"I cahnt git a good grip, and all I can musta is a quick tuggle."
by Blind Elvis May 13, 2008
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to tuggle, v., transitive

to shake one's derrier in order to signify a song's musical merit.
Yeah, man. I was at this party last night, and none of the chicks started to tuggle until they stopped all that Bieber shit and put on some Black Keys.
by Good Musical Authority February 18, 2013
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The act of jumping into bed to tuck and snuggle.
I feel lonely, come on over here and tuggle with me
by Cutielicious February 28, 2019
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