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something that is often done in chatrooms.
it symbolizes the action of running over to one of your friends and hugging them, yet your momentum prevents you from stopping in time and thus they have been tackled
person 1:*tackle hugs*
person 2: well... this is sure akaward

person 1: 2!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
person 2: *falls over and hugs back*
by emorexic October 08, 2007
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To aggressively or enthusiastically hug someone, often with a running start.

Can be used as a noun or a verb.

Text usage is similar to glomp, but without the fangirl stigma.
Even between friends, this exchange comes off as creepy and overenthusiatic:

persondude: yo
animefangirl: SQUEEEEEEE! *glomp!*

The second person in this conversation, on the other hand, maintains a small level of dignity or reserved coolness:

persondude: hey
cooliochika: *tacklehugs*
by Lady Chevalier May 07, 2005
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A very excited version of hello in written form. Usually displayed with tons of extra "g's" and "s's". This is meant to express someone so exicted to see you that a visual of someone tackling and hugging at the same time comes to mind.
KittyTrishia will always tackle hug someone she loves in the #sdchat room.

by KittyTrishia January 31, 2004
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