a travel bucket. nuff said nigguh.
make a bucket to smoke weed outta, then put it in a coffee mug, and travel with it. Hence. The Travel Bucket HENCEEE!!
the Tucket!
Mannnnnnnnnn, Max made the fattast tucket i've ever hit, and we hit it everywhere, 'cause we can NIGGGGGUH!
by CronicMan January 9, 2010
Defined: When a morbily obest lady tucks her fat into spandex.
Lady : wow i lookk fat in the spandex ..i'll just tucket
by jr3117 September 9, 2006
When you accidentally take a dump then squeeze your butt cheeks to stop the flow.
"Man, Im so happy that i pulled a butt tucket maneuver so, my pants wouldn't fill up with feces!"
by Koch Master June 21, 2009
1) to be full and to not want anymore when asked.

2) When talking to the alpha n00b and you get incredibly pissed off and you say that this conversation has gone plum tucket.
1) Want more corn?
no im plum tucket at the moment.

2) alpha n00b: exura sio para "leader of skeles
not so n00b: lol, your such a noob
not so n00b: you don't put para
alpha n00b: i not that!
by Many Mexicans November 18, 2005
The folds of skin located betwinx a womens legs, otherwise known as vaginal lips... usualy of abnormal proportions
"I jus wanna grab you by the muffin tuckets and OOGA BOOGA!"
by Dr. Thomas Jay August 16, 2005
1. The ultimate Slut Bucket

2. A slut bucket who has overflowed.

That girl slept with the entire hockey team and half of the basketball team, she's such a slub tucket.
by slubbytucket2 April 26, 2009
to fruck tucket: (Verb) when one is on a long road trip with somebody, and end up hot boxing, and having sex in the vehicle.

fruck tucketulation: (Noun) A night spent smoking weed, and having sex.

fruck tuckaluking: (Adjective) extravagant, or outrageous, usually in reference to an act committed at a party.
The value of the Mercedes-Benz was greatly depleted, because of the numerous times it had been fruck tucketed.

Last friday I had a crazy fruck tucketulation with your girl.

Johnnie's party was one fruck tuckaluking night!
by youngmonkey September 24, 2011