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A nickname for a guy that carried a little pre-adolescent weight. This 'nickname' can catch on and follow the guy around throughout his adult life despite his current appearance.
Old school friend: OY! TUBBA! How ya doin?
Tubba: I joined a gym, lost 5 stone and now I run marathons.
Old school friend: Nice one, Tubba!
by McPresident October 25, 2009
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Similar to couch potato. Describes a male who likes nothing more to sit in front of the telly with a spoon and a tub of either ice-cream or cookie dough. Invariably the TV show will be Star Trek and Tubba status is only reached when said Tubba has achieved a level of obesity that is beyond comfortable for people who have to try and share the sofa with them. Tubba will often sleep in front of said sci-fi omnibus and will only move to acquire another tub, pebble dash the pan, or dispense used tissue resulting from episode involving Seven of Nine.

Bloke with surname. Tubb. Said characters usually develop in certain ways. 1. Over use of expletives, fart for fun . . a lot, temperamental. Mature and calm only around women. Develops early baldness.
Get off your arse and do some exercise tubba. And I don't mean developing your right forearm.

Hey Tubba, put a hat on its bright in here.
by Captain K September 30, 2004
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A Mexican homosexual from King City who loves the cock. Is currently residing in Long Beach, CA.
"You know who'd love to wear a purple dress? Tubba!"
by Nasty Massey March 26, 2004
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Not Your Average Joe, Husky Big Sized Human...Fat Boy
A Nor*Cal Rapper, Born 1989 In Sacramento, Ca.Motivated by Music And Hating College Work, Tubba Started His Rap Career While Going To School At Cal Poly In San Luis Obispo On 10-20-2007 And Was Signed Onto "Royalty Inc" On his 4th Day Of Rapping.Profle
"Yo Wut It Do Tubba!"
by Tubba62 October 31, 2007
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