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When you first meet him he acts all tough but as you get to know him you realize how much of a softy he is. He is caring, understanding and he’s the cutest smile. It’s impossible not to fall in love with such a perfect guy.
by RedheadsAreAmazing May 12, 2019
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Something so deep that hurts you all your life. Something you can’t get rid of no matter how hard you try. Makes you feel like no one cares and no one loves you. It gets to the point when you think your life is worthless and you think that if you die no one would even care. It gets so bad that you start to self harm yourself to try to take away the emotional pain inside you. You start pushing away everyone, even your family. You start to icolate yourself from everyone around you. You think that you are alone in this big world and that no one understands you. It hurts so much it causes some people to commit suicide. Depression isn’t a joke and if you make fun of someone maybe think twice before you do it. You don’t know what they could be going through, and never tell anyone to kill themselves.
Depression ruins your life
by RedheadsAreAmazing April 11, 2018
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Someone you can rely on to be there for you at the times you need them the most. Someone who won’t lie to your face or talk behind your back. The type of person that is hard to find.
Friend: trust me I won’t tell anyone
*next day* everyone knows your secret

( find someone trustworthy and keep them and never loose them)
by RedheadsAreAmazing April 11, 2018
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