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When your smoking while playing a video game and you forget to ash and you find your lap covered in ash or an extra long ash thats just about to fall but carefully balance it to the ashtray after the level is finished, This is common in driving games, or fighting situations.. Ash often falls during a slight button push, also know as one puff levels, as you only get one puff and the cigarette finishes before the level does..
Smoker 1: Im going to win this race,
Smoker 2: nup

smoker 1: told ya i would win, shit i just wasted a whole smoke on that run,

Smoker 2: F U!!!

Smoker 1: Ash button baby!!!!!!
by iamcorey August 26, 2010
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When you realise life is like a Product from IKEA, your given instructions from the start but still have no friggen idea what your doing at the end of it all...
Girl: So why arent u doing anything?
Guy: I have IKEA syndrome and im shit at understanding instructions,sooooo if your not going to pick up an allan key and help me build this thing please go away and make me a sandwich.

Girl: I just want you to get out of bed, Do you need an allan key for that?

by iamcorey May 20, 2010
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They say u should never trust someone that says "trust me",,... so do you trust the guy that says "Dont trust me"??
Dude says:Hey man, you can trust me,

You say: sorry man your just to trustfull sounding,but u did cook a nice steak tonight, this BBQ is slammin, this is the best BBQ ive ever been to, trust me..
by iamcorey May 22, 2010
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