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Trumplies is when Donald trump chats utter shit just to become president.
HillBilly #1 - What the hell dude Trump said he was gunna get rid of all of the muslims in USA and he now says he isnt!
HillBilly #2 - What dude? He lied? the fuck he just trumplies
by Will Wheatley January 22, 2017
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A person or thing acting like the man known as Donald Trump
Why was Thomas being TRUMPLY about the Mexico in minecraft
by TheBRITISHunicorn June 27, 2018
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Meaning simply, "of course". Usually used at the end of a sentance to spice it up.
Instead of saying "simply", or "of course", alternatively, try substituting the word.

"This cheese tortilla is marvelous, trumply."

by A Nobly Rooster April 07, 2009
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