When an individual with a limited supply of money drinks too much and begins to believe that he/she is Donald Trump. This results in often spending all the money they have or blowing through their savings account without realizing the consequences until sobriety.
"Josh went trumping in Chicago last weekend which is why his debit card was invalid at Hooters. How embarrassing!"
by Josh October 23, 2008
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Fucking Someone's Little Kids and making them muslims
Bob:hi donald how are you doing?
donald:im trumping some kids
by TheEpicMuslim April 13, 2016
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Speaking with out the use of a personal filter and not really say what's on your mind. Think first, react second is the key.
I.E. I was trumping it with North Korea but saying "fire and fury, to which the likes we have never know." Or
"I was trumping it with that lady at the bar and I left her with my tab from the whole night."
I was trumping with this chick at the bar.
by Drumper August 08, 2017
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besting someone with that you had a trump card. "you activated my trap card," if the trap card was so valuable in play there that it changed the course of the game THERE, it was a trump card.
card, can refer to what you've used to act further into play
He had cards we didn't know about he kept trumping everyone at the table.
by Setsuko Kaguya December 24, 2018
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