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A penis enlargement pump with a special rubberized grip on the tube to aid those with small hands in effectively operating said pump.
VP: is that an executive order in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

DT: the latter, darling. Pass me my Trump pump and you'll see what I mean.
by Jamminjeremy February 15, 2017
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Wrapping your dick in cash and having mediocre sex with someone. As you're about to cum, you unwrap the cash and stick it up one of their nostrils really far up to the point where they're gonna sneeze. Then, you deepthroat them and cum. As they're about to gag up your cum, you yank out the cash and stick it down their mouth. Afterwards, they will sneeze causing the cum to shoot out their nose while you say "great."
I just pulled a trump pump on someone. America would be great again if we all did this!
by Giraffe Eggs March 29, 2016
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