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The more obnoxious, outrageous, insulting, condescending and rude that you are, the more popular you become. It is the ultimate paradox. Trump, Donald Trump, The Donald, make America great again, The Apprentice, Trumper, Trumpet, Trumpism, Trumpster
I don't get it, why is it whenever a jerk guy treats women badly, he gets a Trump bump and the women are drawn to him and want to get to know him. I treat women like princesses and I don't get a second look.
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by joecoolthefool September 25, 2016
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The rise in voter support that comes when Donald Trump says something controversial or insulting about someone or something. Trump, Donald Trump, Trumper, Trumpet, Trumpster, Trump plan, The Donald, make America great again, Republican
The Donald got a big Trump bump when he went after all of the Clintons in an interview. He really nailed them.
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by joecoolthefool October 08, 2016
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A sneaky coke bump done while getting off watching Trump speeches.
β€œMan, you want a Trump Bump? It really takes The Donald to the next level!”
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by aceharr November 05, 2017
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The painful knot on your forehead that develops from repeatedly banging your head against the wall out of frustration, disbelief and/or abject horror at Trump's inability to form complete thoughts & sentences, tell the truth, treat people with respect, etc etc etc. (Basically anything he does)
"Dude, your Trump bump looks wicked"
"Yeah, I just listened to his latest thoughts on the Russian hack. I'm seeing double and have to repair the living room wall again."
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by Farty McFartpants January 11, 2017
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Noun or verb
When two or more persons acknowledge or celebrate a shared sentiment of support for Donald Trump by forming a fist with their hands and bumping knuckles together.
A: Hey B, are you voting for Trump?
B: Hell yeah I'm voting for Trump!
A: Me too! Trump bump! (A gesturing his out stretched fist toward B)

A&B proceed to preform a Trump Bump.
by Bertmastertron June 08, 2016
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Period between trump's being elected, and inauguration where the market had the longest bull run in history, increasing 10%.
Wendy's stock rose 25% during the Trump Bump
by Femaleshitposter January 25, 2017
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An new and popular male-to-female introduction or greeting, initiated through the grabbing of the femake's genitals.
As the republican candidate crossed the debate stage, he met his democratic opponent with a quick and firm Trump Bump, followed by a brief exchange of pleasantries.
by Yammerjamner October 20, 2016
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