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A small town in Fairfield County which many people who have never been there mistake to be rich and preppy, when in reality it is a normal town with a great public school system and a small portion of rich people living there in gated communities. Good stoner population, although there isn't much alcohol at parties. Not everyone wears Abercrombie and Hollister, even though everyone owns something from them. Lots of hating on emo kids. There is almost nothing to do in Trumbull aside from going to the shitty mall, going to the shitty movie theater or going to a friends house.
Guy 1: What do you wanna do tonight?

Guy 2: Dude, there isn't anything to do, we live in Trumbull, remember?

Guy 1: Oh yeah. Let's just get high then.
by alice16 July 20, 2010
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Trumbull is a boring town in fairfield county and even though it IS in fairfield county it is not as rich as many people so wrongly think it is! Just about none of the teenagers in the town own a car and if they do they are the subject of most of the other kids in towns jealousy. Most people in town own clothes from stores like abercrombie and hollister but clothing brands are not really a hot topic of conversatioin at trumbull high school and most people could not care less. Nobody travels to Greenwich and New Canaan to do their shopping. And it is not filled with rich kids pretending to be perfect and then going out and getting drunk every night. And if anything the kids who do get drunk every night, in no way have a 4.3 gpa but rather a 1.9. Overall Trumbull is an average small town which has been put on the map by the presence of its mall and movie theater.
"Hey, where do you live?"
"In Trumbull..."
"Oh, I've never heard of it..."
by ceasar ceasar salad 15 August 10, 2009
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Not a very well known town, right in the heart of Fairfield County this typical rich town is home to doctors, lawyers, ceo's, investment bankers and people with salaries that you wouldn't believe. Their cars are as impressive as their jobs. There is a mall in trumbull but none of the rich kids from trumbull actually go there, they prefer to travel down to new canaan, greenwich or westport to do their shopping. Everyone wears ralph, jcrew, burberry, lily, you name it. The public school system is extremely good and many kids also get sent to private schools. Trumbull sports teams are great and consistently in the top of their brackets. Trumbullites as they are called like to say that there is nothing to do in Trumbull, which is why they spend their parents $$ and get drunk. Not as big of a stoner town as some others but definitely not lacking in the alcohol.
The only things made in trumbull are brueggers bagels and starbucks coffee, both overpriced but the rich people there don't see any problem spending that kind of money for a "venti non fat double shot espresso latte with extra foam"...typical of trumbullites. They are often found partying in other towns with other rich ffld county kids.
Also, they all manage to maintain a 4.0 + average at school and act like the perfect child when at home. They get sent to ivy leagues or other top tier schools. They have ski houses/condos right on the mountain, a summer "vacation home" in the hamptons, voneyard or nantucket and other properties they probably didnt know they owned. They vacation often in exotic tropical places and in Europe.
GOing to become typical frat boys and sororities girls in college where their parents donate $$
3 Trumbullites talking....
"What does your dad do?"
"Oh, he is the vp of some humungous company, yours?"
"pshhh, MY dad is the CEO of that company"
third person "Well my dad is a surgeon..."
by Steph A August 08, 2007
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A very fucking rich town in the heart of Fairfield county. Though it pails in wealth in comparison to towns like Greenwich, Westport, Weston, and New Canaan which are also in Fairfield county, if you dont drive a car worth $50,000 or over, (ex. Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, Porsche, BMW) you don't belong there. Good schools, preppy kids, weed, and white people (though there are lots of rich black people and asians) make up the town. The town differentiates from other FC towns in that the many mansions that the town is comprised of are close together (most 2 acres or less). In many of the other rich FC towns, mansions have at least 2 acres. This does bring the pricetag of real estate down a bit, though if you dont make at least $150,000-$200,000 a year, you're poor and still can't live there. Tashua and Nichols are the richest areas of the town. Trumbull has a stitload of drugs and booze. Go to a party on Saturday night and what you get is a bunch of good looking 4.3 GPA smart asses in A&F, Gucci, Polo, or Versace who couldnt be more drunk and high cause they money to burn. And everyone of these kids parents is the vice CEO (or whatever you call it) to their Westport and Greenwich friends CEO parents. Don't get me wrong though: Trumbullites still own a shit load of money, houses in Nantucket and Lake Placid, and 3 or more cars.
Bob Smith from Trumbull Connecticut is perfect in parents eyes, but actually sneaks out every night to get drunk, high and head, never spilling a drop on his decked out polo attire.
by Matt Kardashian July 12, 2006
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small preppy town in fairfield county
beautiful homes and affluent families
almost everyone has a ski house, cottage up north, and house in nantucket
high quality schools $$
Trumbull is very pretty and preppy
by Trumbull June 04, 2006
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