A Central Connecticut slang for dank weed. Comes from the combination of two words, "Trees" and "Bud".
You mang, let's fire up some of the diesel trud and get zaked!
by GRoItaliano January 23, 2012
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A variant on the word TROD (Past participle of Tread), inspired by the use of the word DRUG as a Past form of the (verb) DRAG in a H. Allan Smith book
The army had General Winter to contend with as they trud slowly towards the Foe in the snow
by AmboNec November 16, 2013
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The meaning of calling someone a turd but misspelling it.
Your a Trud.
by Lissierawrie November 18, 2010
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To TRUDD is the excavation of worms etc. from the soil during plowing.
I am going to TRUD the field.The tractor is TRUDDING, Plowing the ground, exposing worms and grubs etc. The birds are all TRUDDED UP meaning they are full from eating worms,grubs etc.
by JessieB April 13, 2011
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A bloke with dead B, and no chat.
"Shup Truds"
by Bruds October 9, 2018
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walking in snow that goes up your pants and into you shoes/boots
While i was truding home my kicks got soaked.
by njbndt February 2, 2005
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A person with a phat ol lanky head lookin pretty wham ass. They get the hoes but always accidentally lick their gfs nuts. He likes men also and likes to bounce. Bounce on that bois dick. Overall they are a CHUMP.
Yo man, that guy has mad cuppage!
Oh yeah its just a trud vibing.
by Quifeneck November 10, 2020
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